Site Updates

Not much to report on the Upgrade front today, but the site has changed quite a bit.  I’ve transitioned it to a more modern content-managed solution.  The roots of this site are pretty old (circa late 90’s) and it was beginning to get somewhat tiring to hand-craft HTML around every post or version update.  Blog tech has changed quite a bit since the last redesign ~10 years ago.  But thanks to WordPress, this site has several new features:

  • You can now comment on news posts!
  • You can now search for content in posts/pages.
  • The site is responsive, so it should look good on mobile devices.
  • And for me – It’s easier to make site updates as everything is now CMS-driven.

The Exodus Has Begun!

Time passed, and the omens became troubled. Comets clashed across the sky and rumbles were heard deep in the ground. Then one day, in a fiery birth of molten lava, an island rose up in the middle of the ocean… An evil power was rising in the West, and all Sosaria groaned to its flexing. When tales emerged that the Great Earth Serpent had risen from its long slumber at the bottom of the ocean, prophets began to cry that the End of the World was at hand…

What was once known as the “Ultima III Upgrade Project” is no longer. It has evolved beyond its original being. Another soul has joined the chorus of its predecessors and crossed over into another plane of existence. It has taken its first step towards completing its Exodus.

Translation: It is my pleasure to announce that the first pre-release of the U2 EGA Upgrade is now available. Please see the U2 project page for details. Since this game cannot be included under the former “U3 Upgrade” title of the web site, it only made sense that I should refit the site to accommodate more than one upgrade project.