Ultima 2 Upgrade


The Ultima 2 Upgrade is a patch for Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress that adds the following features:

  • EGA 16-color mode
  • New hotkeys: Restore (ALT-R), Exit (ALT-X), and Main Menu (ALT-M)
  • The ability to save your game while on board a vehicle
  • The ability to save your game on the galactic maps
  • Fixes a bug where attributes would roll beyond 99 (and back to 00)
  • Complete conversion of text to lower-case
  • Includes other common fan patches:
    • Moonstone Dragon‘s Galaxy Map Patch (release 10/3/97)
    • Micro Dragon’s Speed Fix (release 2)
  • A Frame Limiter that ensures the game runs at a reasonable rate on today’s processors
  • Ability to disable the AutoSave feature
  • A program to reset the game so you can start a new character

Future enhancements might entail adding support for VGA (256-color) graphics, simulated Composite CGA, modifying the sound effects to be generated by WAV/MP3 data, and/or enhancing the interface to resemble the Apple II Enhanced release.


  1. Unpack the U2 Upgrade zip file into your Ultima 2 directory on your hard drive. This will not affect your current saved games.
  2. Run “rengal.bat” if this is the first time you’re applying this upgrade. This will rename the Galaxy Map files. (It’s only necessary to run this once, but does not create a problem if you run it again.)
  3. Run “dngpatch.exe”. This will repair the Pangea dungeon and re-add the Greenland dungeon to the Pangea map. (It’s only necessary to run this once, but does not create a problem if you run it again.)
  4. Run “u2cfg.exe” to configure the game options.
  5. Run “ultima2.com” from the Ultima 2 directory to start the game.

Optional steps:

  • You can also run “cgapatch.exe” which patches the CGA binary to
    run on modern systems. It applies Moonstone Dragon’s Galaxy Map
    Patch, Micro Dragon’s Speed Fix, the PICCAS image (part of the
    Demonstration), and updated File I/O for problems with newer
    Windows operating systems. All these patches are already applied
    to the EGA binary.



Below is an images gallery of the CGA and EGA video modes. There are 20 images total in the gallery.

Release Log

Release 1.1 – 2001-09-29

This is a maintenance release of the U2 EGA Upgrade, which has a few new features. Updates since the previous release are:

  • I finished the converting all TLK files to lower-case text where necessary. I tried to base most of the changes on the “Enhanced” U2 that was released for the Apple II. I’m not sure if I got all of it right, but I’m sure it’s close enough.
  • Upgraded RENGAL.BAT so that running it twice does not generate a stream of errors.
  • I created a new program, U2RESET.EXE, which resets your saved game in the event you want to start from scratch. Previously, it was required to recopy all the MAP and MON files from the CD, but that is no longer necessary. The program removes all monsters, vehicles, and moongates from the map, clears the monster files, and resets the player file. It also restocks Legends with Minax’s monster hoard and Pluto with a few modes of transport.
  • Fixed a problem where the game would exit with an error after creating a character.

Full Release Log…


  • Thanks to those before me who have contributed to Ultima II: Micro Dragon for his U2 Speed Fix, Moonstone Dragon for supplying us with the U2 Galaxy Maps, and John Alderson for adding comments to much of the assembly code in his U2 for Windows project. Their work has saved me a lot of time.
  • Thanks to the Ultima Dragons for just being the outspoken group that they are.
  • And thanks especially to Richard Garriott for creating Ultima II & III in CGA and forcing us to play it on RGB monitors, thus inspiring me to learn assembly. 😉


Downloads of all patches are available on the Downloads page.

Please note that Ultima is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts (EA). This project is not affiliated with nor endorsed by EA. You must own a legal copy of Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress in order to apply this patch.