Ultima 2 Upgrade v2.1

I’m pleased announce the next release of the Ultima 2 Upgrade, version 2.1. You may find it in the download section. This release contains several new features, which I’ve blogged about over the past two weeks:

And two bugfixes concerning stat boosts:

I’ve also decided on how to to handle upgrades from floppy releases: the patch will apply only to the Program Master. The patch will also add any missing data files from the Player Master or Galactic disks. I’ve therefore included the ability to apply the upgrade to the 1989 floppy release of the Ultima Trilogy 1-2-3. I unfortunately don’t have any of the earlier Sierra On-Line releases, so those will have to wait for now.

With that, I need to slow down the pace of updates for the next month while I prepare for some other things going on right now. I still have a lot more work planned for Ultima 2, and I hope to finish those out this year.

2 thoughts on “Ultima 2 Upgrade v2.1

  1. It’s been a while since you’ve poster here. Hope everything is ok on your end. Thanks for breathing new life into these classics.

  2. Hi,
    One thing that always made Exodus feel crusty (even compared to QotA) was how key presses were buffered (not sure if that’s the correct term). How arduous a task would it be to change it to be more like 4 and 5?

    Thanks again showing these old games some love.

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