The Exodus Project creates and houses Upgrade Projects.  An upgrade in this sense is a patch to the PC version of the game that is designed to improve the audio/visual quality and correct bugs or gameplay in the original.

Upgrade Projects

Ultima 2 Upgrade

The Champion who slew Mondain returns home to Earth, only to find it destroyed by CGA color! Fortunately, this upgrade will correct this awful-looking destruction wrought by the evil Minax.

Ultima 3 Upgrade

While the U3 of the Ultima Collection has only standard CGA graphics, this upgrade will revive your adventures through Sosaria with CGA Composite, EGA, and VGA graphic modes, as well as MIDI music.

Ultima 5 Upgrade

Ultima V for the IBM PC was the only release that did not feature music. Relive this classic, hailed by many as their favorite Ultima, with its original musical score.

Sosaria Mod

Sosaria Mod is a world mod to Ultima’s 2 and 3 that allows both games to be set in the “Lands of Lord British” from Ultima 1. This effectively keeps the first three games all on the same consistent world.

Opensource Repo

Bitbucket Project Page

The Exodus Project is open source. Bitbucket serves as the repository for the project source code, utilities, build environment, and associated technical documentation. Please feel free to browse the source code and project wiki and, if you’re so inclined, contribute!