U2 Upgrade – CGA, EGA and more

U2 CGA & EGA Drivers
U2 CGA & EGA Drivers

Over the past month I’ve been developing the upcoming release of the Ultima 2 Upgrade, v2.0.  The primary intent of this next release was to extract the EGA video code (and also the original CGA code) into a driver architecture, similar to what I had done for Ultima 3. In fact, I’m proud to report that I completely finished up that work about a week ago. However, while this sets me up to do some cooler things later on, primarily other video modes, it doesn’t really add much in the way of noticeable changes. So I’m now taking some additional time to address a few other issues with the game. This will hopefully make a v2.0 a bit more substantial and compelling. More information to come soon in subsequent posts, so stay tuned…

U2 has gone Gold!

Finally, the U2 Upgrade is complete. Release 1.0 is available on the download page. You can read all about it here. If you don’t want all the details, then let me say just this – you can now disable autosave, save on galaxy maps, and save on your vehicle. Oh, and most of the text is lowercase now, too!

I’ve also added two more related packages to the downloads page: Xenerkes Dragon’s Ultimatrix, and Wiltshire and Aradindae Dragon’s U4 VGA/MIDI Upgrade!

Progress with U2

I have a new release of the U2 Upgrade available, (alpha 0.2). It’s a little more stable than it was before and has increased compatibility with newer systems. The Galaxy Map Patch is also now included, with Moonstone Dragon’s blessing of approval.

Not much else going on right now other than real life issues. Finals are creeping ever closer, as is the end of an Atlanta business trip, (read: crunch time!) so there may be another break of silence for several weeks. We’ll see…

The Exodus Has Begun!

Time passed, and the omens became troubled. Comets clashed across the sky and rumbles were heard deep in the ground. Then one day, in a fiery birth of molten lava, an island rose up in the middle of the ocean… An evil power was rising in the West, and all Sosaria groaned to its flexing. When tales emerged that the Great Earth Serpent had risen from its long slumber at the bottom of the ocean, prophets began to cry that the End of the World was at hand…

What was once known as the “Ultima III Upgrade Project” is no longer. It has evolved beyond its original being. Another soul has joined the chorus of its predecessors and crossed over into another plane of existence. It has taken its first step towards completing its Exodus.

Translation: It is my pleasure to announce that the first pre-release of the U2 EGA Upgrade is now available. Please see the U2 project page for details. Since this game cannot be included under the former “U3 Upgrade” title of the web site, it only made sense that I should refit the site to accommodate more than one upgrade project.