U3 Upgrade Installation – v3.3

  1. The PC version of Ultima 3 must already be installed on your hard drive. If you have a previous version of the U3 Upgrade installed, you may:
    1. Let the installer detect and upgrade you to the latest version.  (v3.0 onward)
    2. Replace it with a fresh copy of Ultima 3. (be sure to back up your savegame files ROSTER.ULT, PARTY.ULT, and SOSARIA.ULT if you do)
  2. Unzip the U3 Upgrade zip file into your Ultima 3 directory on your hard drive. This step will not affect your current installation or saved games.
  3. Run the following program to patch to the game files, depending on your O/S:
    • Windows: u3upw   (Can be launched directly from explorer)
    • Linux: ./u3upl
    • DOSBOX: u3up
  4. Configure DOSBOX to run with at least 3000 cycles. (10000 if you intend to run using CGA Composite mode.)
  5. Run ULTIMA3.COM in DOSBOX to start the game.
    • If launching from GOG, edit the file dosboxULTIMA3_single.conf in the game directory and change ULTIMA.COM to ULTIMA3.COM.

Optional steps:

  • This version includes SosariaMod.  To launch it, see here.
  • This version ships with default configuration. You can change this configuration using the following program, depending on your O/S:
    • Windows: u3cfgw   (Can be launched directly from explorer)
    • Linux: ./u3cfgl
    • DOSBOX: u3cfg
  • This version ships with General MIDI as the default driver. You can change this by running SETM.EXE from the Ultima 3 directory to configure a different sound card (e.g. FM synth). This must be done within DOSBOX.