U3 Sosaria Mod Installation

Sosaria Mod comes pre-packaged with the Ultima 3 Upgrade.  It keeps a separate set of save files from the original game, so you don’t need to worry about your saves conflicting.

You may activate it in one of two ways:

1) Config: Set the Default Mod

To do this, simply run the upgrade configuration program, select option ‘8’ to change the default mod, and ‘S’ to save.  The config program used depends on your O/S:

  • Windows: u3cfgw   (Can be launched directly from explorer)
  • Linux: ./u3cfgl
  • DOSBOX: u3cfg

2) Command Line: Call a Specific Mod

Alternatively, when you start Ultima 3, you can provide the desired mod on the command line when launching the game.  This could also be used to set up separate launchers for the different versions.

  • Runs Sosaria Mod:
    • ultima3.com sosaria
  • Runs the original game:
    • ultima3.com ultima3