Easy Upgrade

During the SosariaMod beta, one of the key pieces of feedback I received was that the upgrades are still fairly difficult to install.  While I’ve tried to streamline the install process with each iteration since v3.0, including providing Windows, Linux, and DOS versions of install tools, there is still a step or two that requires a command line.  Hopefully, the next version will change that.

Version 3.3 will include a rewritten installer that automatically upgrades you from v3.0 onward without having to hit the command line.  The new tool works like this:

  1. Checks what version you’re currently patched at
  2. Checks what the newest version is that you have downloaded
  3. Ask for your confirmation to proceed
  4. Removes the old patch (if any)
  5. Applies the new patch

No more binunpatw/binpatw to manually apply the upgrade.  Just run u3upw directly from Windows explorer (or u3up/u3upl for DOS/Linux) and it will take care of the rest.

If you’ve been using Pix’s Ultima Patcher (which is awesome) then this probably won’t impact you.  But it’ll hopefully make it easier to for anyone who downloads the upgrades directly from this site.

When will v3.3 be available? Soon!

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