U3 Upgrade v3.3 – Sosaria Mod

Release 3.3 includes a few new features, the largest of which is the inclusion of Sosaria Mod. This enhancement allows you to play Ultima III on the Lands of Lord British map from Ultima I.

In order to achieve this (for those who are interested in the details) I had to break out several data tables into external mod files. This includes the names of map files as well as the location of the towns, dungeons, moongates, exotics, etc and the inclusion of some logic to support and return the data to the game. Some mod-specific events, like the appearance of Dawn, were highly custom and had to be rewritten so that it could appear in a different location by mod. ULTIMA3.MOD includes all of the game data tables associated with the original game world, while SOSARIA.MOD is of course for Sosaria Mod. Theoretically, others could follow this pattern to contribute game world mods if they were so included. (why not a Britannia-shaped world?)

In addition to Sosaria Mod, v3.3 also includes the Start a New Game feature accessible from the in-game bootup menu, replacing the u3reset tool.  Please do not use u3reset any longer, as it does not work with Sosaria Mod.

Another feature is the inclusion of a new Upgrade Tool that streamlines the installation/upgrade process.  If you’re installing on Windows, just run u3upw from Windows Explorer. DOS and Linux ports are also provided, as usual. This replaces the previous binpat/binunpat tools.

Lastly, it fixes the nasty bug associated with the Invalid Action sound effect introduced in v3.2 that I posted about here.

For more information, please read the release notes.

3 thoughts on “U3 Upgrade v3.3 – Sosaria Mod

  1. Works great. Maybe some other modifications like u3 gold for c64 emulator like Select party leader

    Ingame slow or quicken.
    Slow winds down a little
    Ability to buy/sell up to 99 weapons (tbh raise limit up to 999 i like throwing daggers)
    Raise gold total up to 99,999

    Tougher versions of the upper level monsters on the lower levels (ie orcs from level 1 would be a lot tougher on level 8).

    Maybe one day able to play u1 and u2 similar to ultima 3 (the palm os had 1-3 out… Pix finally was able to play the shareware versions).

    Something i really hope to see some day is a full Akalabelth to Ultima 5 construction set (similar to those super mario construction sets online).

    Ultima 4 on sega master system was top view dungeons and had combat with targetting similar to ultima 5… Was awesome).

    I never get bored of the classic esp when theres many versions and updates.

    Thanks for the hard work.

    1. Great ideas! I’ll take a closer look at U3 Gold and see what could be incorporated easily. The party leader definitely seems like a nice quality-of-life improvement.

  2. It’s just so cool the game is still getting attention. U3 was my go to in the 80s on the c64. So many memories.

    Since then and the invention of emulators I have tried different versions. I still need to try the appleII and the one disk Pix had found where the scenario disk was changed.

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