U3 Upgrade Installation – v3.2

  1. The PC version of Ultima 3 must already be installed on your hard drive. If you have a previous version of the U3 Upgrade installed, you may:
    1. Replace it with a fresh copy of Ultima 3. (be sure to back up your savegame files ROSTER.ULT, PARTY.ULT, and SOSARIA.ULT if you do)
    2. Alternatively, if upgrading from v3.1, you may uninstall it with one of the BINUNPAT commands, which will reverse the changes to the Ultima 3 binaries and restore it to its original 1980’s state:
      • Windows: binunpatw U3UP-31.PAT
      • Linux: ./binunpatl U3UP-31.PAT
      • DOSBOX: binunpat U3UP-31.PAT
  2. Unzip the U3 Upgrade zip file into your Ultima 3 directory on your hard drive. This step will not affect your current installation or saved games.
  3. Apply the binary patch to the game files.  This must be run from the command line.
    • Windows: binpatw U3UP-32.PAT
    • Linux: ./binpatl U3UP-32.PAT
    • DOSBOX: binpat U3UP-32.PAT
  4. Configure DOSBOX to run with at least 3000 cycles. (10000 if you intend to run using CGA Composite mode.)
  5. Run ULTIMA3.COM in DOSBOX to start the game.
    • If launching from GOG, edit the file dosboxULTIMA3_single.conf in the game directory and change ULTIMA.COM to ULTIMA3.COM.

Optional steps:

  • This version ships with default configuration. You can change this configuration in one of the following ways:
    • Windows: u3cfgw
    • Linux: ./u3cfgl
    • DOSBOX: u3cfg
  • This version ships with General MIDI as the default driver. You can change this by running SETM.EXE from the Ultima 3 directory to configure a different sound card (e.g. FM synth). This must be done within DOSBOX.
  • You can run reset the game map if you want your party to enter an uncharted Sosaria. Your party must be dispersed in order to clear the map. This program will not affect characters on the Roster.
    • Windows: u3resetw
    • Linux: ./u3resetl
    • DOSBOX: u3reset