U2 Upgrade Installation – v2.1

Unpack the zip file into the Ultima 2 directory on your hard drive.

  1. Run the following program to patch the game, depending on your O/S:
    • Windows: u2upw (Can be launched directly from explorer)
    • DOS: u2up
  2. Edit dosbox.conf (dosboxULTIMA2.conf for GOG) and change these values:
    • cycles=10000 (or greater)
    • cputype=auto
  3. Run ULTIMA2.COM in DOSBOX to start the game.
    • For GOG, edit dosboxULTIMA2_single.conf and change the line that
      reads ‘ultimaII.exe’ to ‘ULTIMA2.COM’.

Optional Steps:

  • Run the following program to change the default configuration:
    • Windows: u2cfgw (Can be launched directly from explorer)
    • DOS: u2cfg

If upgrading from U2 Upgrade v1.1:

  • Do NOT use ‘u2reset’, ‘rengal’, ‘cgapatch’ or ‘dngpatch’ from v1.1. These tools are now obsolete and incompatible with the Upgrade patch.
  • DPMI is no longer needed to run the Upgrade tools.
  • The install may fail from v1.1 if not all patches (cgapatch, dngpatch) were applied. If so you will need to apply them or reinstall the game.

If upgrading from floppy releases:

  • Please copy only the Program Master to the hard drive. The Upgrade will add any/all needed data files from the Player and Galactic disks.
  • The Ultima Trilogy I-II-III (1989) is currently the only supported floppy release.