U3 Sosaria Mod – Beta Test

Thanks for participating in the Beta Test of Sosaria Mod for Ultima III. Unlike past improvements I’ve made, this is the first that goes beyond a simply technical nature and attempts to improve world lore and narratives. Your feedback is appreciated so that this mod can be shaped into a work that is representative of Ultima.


  1. Download the U3 Upgrade v3.3 beta.
  2. Install the mod with the following procedure:
    1. Unpack it in a clean Ultima 3 folder (no previous upgrade version):
    2. Apply the patch from the command line using one of the following options:
      • For Windows: “binpatw u3up-33.pat”
      • For Linux: “binpatl u3up-33.pat”
      • Within DOSBOX: “binpat u3up-33.pat”
    3. Update the cycles property of your dosbox.conf to read at least cycles=3000
    4. Update the autoexec section of your dosbox.conf to call “ultima3.com lolb”
    5. To run the original game, just run “ultima3.com” with no additional parameters.
  3. Play the game! The beta package includes a saved game that’s capable of completing the end-game as well as a frigate near Britain. Please try the following:
    1. Locate the towns and dungeons
    2. Navigate the moongates
    3. See if you can find Dawn
    4. If you have the time and interest, feel free to play from beginning to end.
  4. Review the World Guide, intended to be a companion to the mod that adapts some lore and creates some new backstories for the towns.
  5. Lastly, once you feel you have a good sense of the mod, please answer a few questions. Your feedback is tremendously helpful in ensuring this is a great end product.