Ultima II - Revenge of the Enchantress

The Ultima 2 Upgrade is a patch for Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress that adds the following features:

  • EGA 16-color mode
  • New hotkeys: Restore (ALT-R), Exit (ALT-X), and Main Menu (ALT-M)
  • The ability to save your game while on board a vehicle
  • The ability to save your game on the galactic maps
  • Fixes a bug where attributes would roll beyond 99 (and back to 00)
  • Complete conversion of text to lower-case
  • Includes other common fan patches:
    • Moonstone Dragon's Galaxy Map Patch (release 10/3/97)
    • Micro Dragon's Speed Fix (release 2)
  • A Frame Limiter that ensures the game runs at a reasonable rate on today's processors
  • Ability to disable the AutoSave feature
  • A program to reset the game so you can start a new character

Future enhancements might entail adding support for VGA (256-color) graphics, simulated Composite CGA, modifying the sound effects to be generated by WAV/MP3 data, and/or enhancing the interface to resemble the Apple II Enhanced release.

Please note that Ultima is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts (EA). This project is not affiliated with nor endorsed by EA. You must own a legal copy of Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress in order to apply this patch.